Rain, Rain, Rain........

Hi there Blogger Friends...
It seems Wisconsin this spring is going to be a time of continuous rain
and swamp like conditions. I actually have several forms of Fungi growing
in my yard.  Odd to see it like this since our spring time is normally full
of sunshine and flowers. I do have flowers blooming but not to well. Since
every time they are in full bloom hail or wind or rain seem to come by and
wipe them out. My baskets all look a bit bedraggled.
I have a few photos to share today but they were taken on a good sunny day.
Wishing you a great week...

Summer Break

Spending time in my gardens with my New Prima Travelers Notebook.
Nothing quite as relaxing as meditating and recording my thoughts in the evening. The kids are playing and I hear there giggles and their squabbles over who's turn it is to be "it" at hide and seek. My gardens and kids are both growing like weeds. Matter of fact my weeds are doing exceptionally well these days.  We are spending our summer break at the beach, playing hide and seek, and gardening.  It's all good.....

A rainy day in Wisconsin

Well Friends... it's raining... It seems this spring that is all it does
in the northland. I did get a few days to garden and for that I am so
thankful. I have lots to do and am anxious to get it done. I love
to be outside. Nothing better than having my hands in the dirt.
Sitting outside listening to the birds singing and my children
laughing. Such pleasures of life. I pray your spring season is full
of joy and love and your are enjoying your many gifts the Lord
has bestowed on you and your family.
Hugs... Dawn

What gifts will you give?

I have been doing a lot of thinking this year about the Christmas season. What I love most about it is all the planning, shopping, baking, gifting, feasting, decorating, etc. I love it all so much that it is a let down to me after all that is finished. But this year it has really been on my heart about why we Christian's celebrate Christmas?  We are to find joy in knowing that our Savior was born in a humble stable on a cold night. He came to our sinful world to give us the gift of his wisdom, peace, love and eventually his life. He had no other gifts. No shiny new toys, fancy Christmas lights, no big screen tvs, no games. He gave himself for us.  So as this Christmas season closes in on us my thoughts are on what gifts can I give to Jesus. What gifts will I bring to Jesus this year? Will it be a smidgeon of my time, a thoughtless prayer of thankfulness, a pittance of my earnings? As I ponder these things I am prayerful that this year i will give Jesus more than the past years. L…

Shabby Olde Potting Shed: Day 8... Be Loved and New Recipe Book

Shabby Olde Potting Shed: Day 8... Be Loved and New Recipe Book
That is so sweet. What a great idea. I just love your artwork on the cover...

Its painting Time


Pink and turquoise decor