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The beauty of Summer

Aren't flowers the prettiest creation?

How did I get this old?

I was editing some wedding photos today and I decided to
crop this photo. Upon reflection on this photo I can't believe how
old I've become. How did this happen?
Years of work, play, family, and friends have made the time
fly by. I feel the same as I did 25 years ago. I don't feel like I've changed.
But when looking at the photo I see my physical appearance has changed.
A few wrinkles and sags that didn't use to be there. A few gray hairs....
But as I look at this photo I am also seeing a woman who would not go
back to those younger years. A woman who is content with who she is.
No need to impress anyone except MYSELF.
My husband of 26 years loves me for who I am on the inside....
Outside appearances change over the years.. I'm know the inside
has changed as well.
I hope my inside(heart) has changed for the better. I hope to have
more patience, tolerance, love, grace, and kindness in my heart. All the
attributes a Christian woman yearns for. Over the years I've had strugg…

Today's work

Good morning...
Today I have lots to do since it's nice weather and all the kiddos are in school. First on the agenda is cleaning up our garden and harvesting some onions.
Our garden has not did well this year. One of the problems was thar we went on vacation the first two weeks of July...with no one to tend to the garden. When we returned we had two weeks of horrendous hot, humid weather. I vowed never to leave for vacation in the summer when we have a garden. We have had some harvest but not nearly the amount of produce when it is well tended to.
I picked some apples and plums from our trees and today I hope to make some sauce. And also a few loaves of flax bread....
Have a safe and blessed day...
Best get to work

The First Internet Cafe Devotions Bible Study is About to Launch!

The First Internet Cafe Devotions Bible Study is About to Launch!
Hey there blogger buddies. I am going to start this Bible Study on Sept. 11th... Won't you join me?

Our Happy family

One Lone flower at the badlands Here we are on our last day of our Family
vacation... Como Park Zoo, Mn

What's new on the home front

Well Life here at Pine Ridge has been busy this summer. I have been so busy I have not had time to blog. I have taken the time to read your blogs and enjoy the stories and happenings at your home and with your families and animals. I've really enjoyed the hustle of summer. But now it is time to slow down and reflect on it before we begin our fall season.

Our family went on our vacation this year with all our grandkids, children, and foster kiddos. We had a total of 11 who went. We went out to South Dakota and Wyoming. We did a variety of camping and hoteling. We saw the badlands, wall drug, mt. rushmore, bear country usa, reptile gardens, Custer state park, Souix Falls Butterfly house, the falls, Mall of America, and the como park Zoo. Plus more... this old brain can't think of any more at this time. Our family has been out to the Black HIlls many times and it is always a pleasure. The kids who have neer been there thought it was AWESOME! So we had a fun filled two weeks of …