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Another summer day in Wisconsin


Garden Bounty

Hello Friends.... 3 posts in one day..... I'm on a roll. Ha! Making up for lost time. I hope everyone is having a super Saturday. Just wanted to post some of my garden bounty.. My plants are loving this rain and humidity.... I could go for a little less myself.. Thank Goodness for Air conditioning...
Have a super duper day... Dawn

Inside my home......

I was motivated to clean some of my house today. It is too hot and humid for me to be outside so it was a good day to tackle the inside.  I dusted and rearranged some of my collections.  Enjoy....

Happy Saturday

Hi there Blogging Friends,

It has been awhile since I posted. I get caught up on reading everyone else's blog and forget about my own. Just wanted everyone to know how much I appreciate you reading and looking at my blog... I find alot of encouragement just knowing your all out there and care enough to read it...  I have posted photos that I have taken this summer around the farm... I hope you enjoy them...Have a blessed weekend... hugs and prayers for each of you... Dawn