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Jackson County Fair 2010

Well our county fair is this weekend. I entered some photos, wool knit and felted items, and a watercolor. I will post the entries this next week along with any awards I received. I am so amazed that several of them received ribbons. Thanks everyone for your supportive comments and best wishes. I am glad you comment on my blog and have decided to become apart of my life... thanks, Dawn
This photo won a ribbon.. 4th I think?
PS. I will also be drawing for the cookbook tomorrow and will post that as well.

cute pink tote from a fellow blogger

Just thought I'd post a photo of my new PINK tote I bought from a blogger I follow.
Her name is Her sister in law (i believe) from Italy
makes them in different colors and she sells them on Etsy for her. It is well made and beautiful...
I added the flower..

another photo of the baby


Our newest baby boy!

Hi friends, I came home from work yesterday and found this in my pasture..... What is it? Can anyone guess?
Cute now isn't he... A face only a momma could love....

Reighlynn and new kittens

We seem to always acquire new animals here on the farm. A few weeks ago my grand daughter
Reighlynn brought over two kittens to live here at Pine Ridge. She felt we needed some kittens since
our old Tom cat died last fast. She is a animal lover just like her Mee Maw... It is so fun to watch her
with them and how she mother's them. Amazing......

Milkshake Coneflowers

Michelle Hendrickson garden tour July 2010

Purple cone flowes

I am trying out a new photo editing program. So far I love what it does... What do you all think?

garden tour and parade photos


Impromtu garden tour

Today was a hot and humid day. Yick..... And most of my day was spent outside in it.
This morning at 8am one our ladies in our community had invited us over to see her gardens... It was lovely.. Cool morning, dew on the grass..... Her flowers and yard are just amazing. It was the highlight of my day. Our Church also put together a float to enter in
the Karner Blue Butterfly festival parade. So I gathered the grandkids and away we went to be in the parade. Before the parade we walked downtown to see the sales that the merchants were having. The parade was at 3pm the hottest part of the day. It was awful.... I am not sure how the kids walked on the hot asphalt with out passing out. It was 90 degrees which to some of you don't seem like much but in Wisconsin that is HOT.... And with the humidity I am not sure of the temp. I felt sick by the time we were leaving to go home. Too much for this old girl.... I am staying inside the rest of the night....
I will post some more photos toni…

Cookbook giveaway!

Hi there Blogger friends,
I have decided to host a cookbook giveaway. This cookbook is the one I made about 3 years ago. Inside you will find some of my recipes I used in our Cafe as well as ones that some of my friends submitted for me to use in my book. In addition to the wonderful recipes it is also a piece of art. I had two of my watercolor images transfered to the front and back cover. There are also some helpful tips in the book as well as a few quotes. I have also included our story on how we came into the Cafe/Gift Shoppe/Antique business as well as our Bed and Breakfast.
In order to be put into the drawing all you need to do is be a follower. If you are already a follower just state that. If you want to have more chances to win have your friends stop on over to my blog to sign
up to be a follower. Please ask them to let me know who sent them to my blog and I will put your name in my hat again. So you can have lots of chances to WIN! GOOD LUCK!
Hugs to all of you...... Dawn

Good Morning

Well I hope this post finds all of you enjoying your day. Summer is going by
so fast. Soon it will be fall and we will be picking apples and choosing our
favorite pumpkin. The weather has been very nice here for the last few days.
So I have been able to get quite a bit of work done outside.  Tonight I am hoping
to get out to my studio to create awhile since all of the hard work is done. It is
time to play a bit. I have some watercoloring I'd like to work on as well as some
scrapbook pages of my neice's birthday party. So off to work and then home to play..
Yippie... have a super day... Dawn

Farmers Market Flowers

Good evening everyone! I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend.
We enjoyed ours. We went to my great niece's 1st birthday party last night
and today we had a family reunion in the Blair Park. It was a jam packed
weekend and we enjoyed every minute of it. We were also able to go
to the Black River Falls farmers market. That is where I bought these
lovely flowers. They were only $5.oo.... a bargain. And all my favorite colors
as well. They went well on my dining room table.
I also purchased some garden tomatoes that had been started early. Ours
are still very green. Also some peppers and garlic. And I came home and whipped
up some fresh salsa. It was a treat to have homemade salsa so early with homegrown
produce. I also bought some blackberry jam, blackberries, blueberries, and radishes.
It is a lovely farmers market if anyone in the area and has a chance to go to it. It is Sat. mornings and Tuesday afternoons at Scholze's Hardware in Black River falls.
Well I hope everyone …

Good Morning Bloggers

Patio Well today looks like it's going to be a perfect day.. The weather man states rain but for
right now we have a beautiful blue sky with soft floating clouds.. AND cool temps this am.
So life is great. I am off to do some chores but just thought I'd say howdy and  post a couple photos.
Have a super day! hugs, Dawn

The past weeks photos

I've had a very productive week in my photography. I have taken about 500 photos. I am entering 3 photo contests this summer and need quite a few to choose from. I have some very nice photos but now my printer was acting up so I had to stop with the printing. Let me know which ones you think I should enter in the contests....?????