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The wonders of Childhood....
Reighlynn is holding a chick we bought
this past spring. She is truely in love with
the chickens. Not one bit afraid.

July Family Camp out

This is some of our family photos from our Family CAMPOUT 2009
We camped in Hatfield, Wi on Lake Arbutus. We had tons of fun!

Christian at WCYC


Christian and Reighlynn at WCYC


Reighlynn at WCYC


Dawn at Bible Camp

A beautiful day at Bible camp. My Grandson, Christian took this photo of me.
He was there helping us at camp. He was a counselor and in charge of recreation.
Reighlynn, my youngest granddaughter was there for her first time as camper.
We all had so much fun...
The Door County Gang
My gang that I went to Door County with in July 2009.
We had a great time! Shopped alot!