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Here I am all pretty.....

Llama shearing day

Today was the day we sheared our llama's. They feel so much
better but they sure look funny.
Kortney and Christian are helping the shearers here in this picture.
It was a hot afternoon to shear but I am sure the llama's appreciate it.
More pictures to come...

Olivia and wild deer


Oreo's 1 week old

I just love this photo I took of Oreo on the day
she was born. She is just the cutest Llama. So
full of personality. She likes to run, jump, and
show off for us. Especially in the evening when
the weather cools down. Her Mom does not
like when she gets too far away from her. She
tells her to come back to her.. Oreo does like
she's told. It won't be too long and she will
rebel... just like our own kids... life is something
isn't it.... I just love my Llamas!



Mr Dutton

My dear sweet husband... just relaxing...


My fushia plant is really blooming now with all the rain, humidity, and sunshine.


This is our patio in the summer. All it needs now is ME with some Lemonade!

Saddle em up

This is Bucky, My husband helping Courtney saddle up Jake for
her evening ride. He is a very good teacher.

Courtney and Jake

Courtney and Jake went for a ride today in the Christmas tree farm. Jake got a bath when
he returned. He is such a good horse with the girls. He is very gentle.

Bath time

We ducks love our bath water!

Amber & Duckie

Bath time at Pine Ridge..... Amber loves the animals..

Saturday June 20th, 2009

Well Summer has finally arrived in Wisconsin.. Hot, humid, weather is here... My veggie gardens and my flower beds are all growing rapidly. The baby Llama is also growing and enjoying the summer. Today was a day of beauty. I took many photos and am excited to share them on my blog. I hope you all get some enjoyment out of them.

For those of you who don't know I am taking a photography class on Weds. at the local college. I am hoping it will improve my photos. This is something I have wanted to do for years but never have had the time nor energy to pursue it. Well this is the year I am doing it...

Enjoy the photos..

Try again! Last summer's flower garden

OK now this is it......

Last summer's garden photos

Well Milah I am going to try this posting like you mentioned to me... lets see if I can get it today! So much to learn I am overwhelmed but be patient with me I can do it I know I can!
These are last summer's garden photos.

Lily and Oreo

Well Lily finally had her baby today! We have been waiting patiently.
Today was the day. Of course I was at work. Amber called me all
excited and out of breath saying baby llama.... It was about all I could
understand. Luckily I only live one mile from where I work so I was home
in no time. And yes there was the baby! We all called it Oreo from the start.
To all of us she looked like a he! But he is a she so Oreo is a universal name so
it fits her to a tee... She is a spunky, friendly, cute llama... We already love her
so much.... Lily is a very good mom. She didn't even spit at me today when I held the baby.
She was very good. We are very blessed to have our new arrival... Dawn

My first Peonies of the season


I am just way to cute for my own good! Boy am I going to get spoiled around this place!


Oreo arrived finally!


Oreo and Olivia Meet for the first time

HI there,

Olivia is welcoming Oreo to the pasture.
We have had steady rain for days now.
The only ones happy about it are my plants!
Lilly Lllama
LLama wool
Reighlynn got her ipod... yeah... From
Her Birthday money and money
she has earned working at her
Grandma's. She is one happy
little girl....