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Today has been a very delightful day. I spent most of my day at work and found alot to do today.I always enjoy working with my friend and boss Karmen.  After work I went to help my dear friend Dianne work up a business idea. More news on that later...  After that I had two friends come help me move some wood and help me with yard work.  Then another stopped in to pick up some containers I was saving for her. And she brought along a whole bunch of sheep wool for me to use. I have never cleaned sheep wool and am not sure where to start but I feel some of my other fiber friendswill be willing to teach me the ropes. Last Saturday at our BAAAD girls fiber meeting they attempted to teach me how to spin... well with a headache and the laughter I had to call it quits.  Another friend was so kind as to borrow me her spinning wheel... another friend gave me roving to work with... I am amazed and awed by my friends....
Thanks for always being there for me and helping me with everything... You a…

My Beautiful Great Niece

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