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Fall is here......

Yep Fall is definately here in
Wisconsin.  The leaves are changing and falling right before our eyes. I love the golden colors that fall brings. The harvest golds, the firey oranges, the crimson reds. God is magnificant in his creating all of this for us humans to enjoy. Sunday will be apple picking at our local Cain's Apple Orchard. Complete with a wagon ride out to the apples. Enjoy this time of year with your family and friends.....

 One lonely catapillar out in the garden. So sad for him. He is a beautiful creature... God is so GOOOOOD!

This is the day

Autumn has arrived!

Autumn has arrived in Wisconsin. We can feel it in the air, and see it all around us.
The leaves are changing right before our eyes. Apples are hanging heavy on the branches....
All the animals growing their winter fur/hair/feathers.... they know before we humans know...
God is so good... All his season's are glorious.. but my favorite is fall.... wonderful, colorful, Fall.
Enjoy this season of harvest....

My Anniversary Flowers

Here is a photo of my 25th Wedding Anniversary flowers my
sweet husband bought me. They are lovely. Red and yellow roses. Amazing color and they have lasted
almost two weeks. I love that man... more now than ever. It seems so hard for me to believe we have been
together all those years. I look back at our photo collection and am amazed of all we have done together with
our children as well as by ourselves. Life has a way of speeding along at warp speed. I am hoping for another
25 years with this man... Hope we can make it...Have a great weekend everyone...

Haapy days

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Christian and Bryce

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still blooming

Hi there friends, Just wanted to post a photo of my morning glories. They were slow to start blooming and now are late bloomers. They are such a brilliant blue. I just love them. Do you have any flowers that are still blooming in your gardens?
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