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Flower Photos from 2009

I was looking through these photo's and remembering how nice warm weather was. Can't wait til spring and the flowers start blooming again.

Christmas Poinsettia

My Poinsettia is still in full bloom. It is beautiful.

3 sizes of eggs


Today's photos

Today was a wonderful day to take photos outside.

The tree's were just full of frost. I almost froze my fingers

off trying to capture the beauty of it. Enjoy!

Christmas Photos 2009


brrrrrr my furnace is out!

Howdy all,
I came home today and it was sooooo cold in our home. I realized our furnace has gone out. I tried to get it going but to no avail. I called the repair man and he can not come out until 10am tomorrow..yikes... I have some electric space heaters we can use. And on our porch we have a nice wall heater. So that is where I am holed up tonight.... snug as bugs in a rug. My two dogs, My husband and our foster Daughter are all on our laptops with dogs by our sides toasty... We all take turns going out to the kitchen to get snacks and the such.... It couldn't happen at the worst possible time. We had -18 yesterday and -13 this am. Tomorrow it is supposed to warm up to 10.. yippie! heat way... I think I'd be warmer in my chicken coop... Soon I suppose I will have to make the trek up to our frigid bedroom.. Thank you God for a warm down comforter! and a husband who throws off alot of body heat! I always new he'd come in handy for something! ha! Wishing you all a very W…

New Years reflections

As i sit here in my warm library I am reading blogs and reflecting on life and it's blessings and it's challenges. I find that I fall short in many areas of my life. I want to accomplish so many things that I sometimes lose track of what is really important in my life. My family will always be first on my list of things to nurture and care for. My love of God and nurturing that relationship seems to fall short. My hope for the new year is to renew a spirit of learning and love for the Lord. My friends are always there but so many times are taken for granted. I must take the time the Lord has given me to be a friend to others.. Sometimes I let my worldly life take over and forget what's really important. I should give more and take less....
I hope to work on these areas of my life this year. I want to make good choices on how I spend my time with my family, friends, spiritual needs, health, wealth and community. I want to really live in a way that reflects God's pure …