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Breeley Ann Arrives!

This is the day after Breeley's arrival
I went to the hospital to see her and her parents.
They are all doing well and are happy she arrived safe
and sound. She is a beautiful baby and we are blessed to have her as the
newest member in our family...


Oh please don't wake me up... this is my favorite spot....


Kayley is enjoying the camera class field trip at Pine Ridge.
She learned alot about taking photos.
Here she is running purposefully so I can get a action shot.

July 6th Photos

Today was a beautiful day. My whole family helped me outside today. Amber mowed with the rider and Danielle pushed the mower. Kayley had a scissors and was cutting around some metal rings and I was hand pulling. Seems like I had the hard job! My photo class has been my motivator for taking all of these photos. I am very blessed to live on such a wonderful property which affords me such wonderful photos. My animals and flowers are some of my favorite subjects. I should of taken some photos of the helpers tonight ..... but I was too busy finding things for people to do... and taking photos of course... enjoy....

Peek a boo!

Milo was playing peek a boo with me and my camera tonight.. silly kitty!



My Man

This is my silly man... posing for a picture when
we were fishing at Hatfield today. We did not
get anything... nadda.... But the day was beautiful
and the weather was great. We went to the flea Market
and ate a good meal there. Ran into some friends which made
for a special treat.