Embracing change


Well I did it! I went and got my hair cut..... A big decision and one I am regretting. Once I got it cut I could of cried. I almost did cry. I might still cry..... I had grown it out for a year or so and really enjoyed the long hair. I always keep it in a ponytail. So it wasn't hanging in my food or my art work. 
Well I decided to get it cut because I was having a painful scalp. I had read that when you wear your hair up all the time your scalp can hurt.  Well mine hurt, so I made the decision to get it cut. Well... My scalp doesn't hurt now but I miss my hair. I had it cut in a long shag. Once it was cut it started to curl. And I mean curl. I have always had a natural wave to my hair but never big fat curls. Well guess what! Now I have a curly shag. Who would of guessed it? Not me.. Well.. my hair is cut and not much I can do now. Other than embrace the change... So embracing is what I will do.. 


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