Wanna have some?

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  1. Oh yummy!!! My daughter made the best fruit salsa-chopped strawberries,chopped kiwi and a little crushed pineapple-eat with bake cinn/sugar sprinkled baked flour tortilla! Its YUMMY!!!!!
    Looks like ya got plenty of berries for it!

  2. Autumn, that sounds yummy.. how have you been? I think of you when I hear about the oil spill.. I hope you and your family are doing ok... blessings, Dawn

  3. We're fine-but we are certainly seeing the effects of the spill. Lots of folks moving for jobs- fishermen can't make a living because there are sooo many here from areas that are closed to fishing. Its just awful to see folks struggle so.
    Looks like it'll be awhile before we all get back to normal.


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