Lily and Oreo

Well Lily finally had her baby today! We have been waiting patiently.
Today was the day. Of course I was at work. Amber called me all
excited and out of breath saying baby llama.... It was about all I could
understand. Luckily I only live one mile from where I work so I was home
in no time. And yes there was the baby! We all called it Oreo from the start.
To all of us she looked like a he! But he is a she so Oreo is a universal name so
it fits her to a tee... She is a spunky, friendly, cute llama... We already love her
so much.... Lily is a very good mom. She didn't even spit at me today when I held the baby.
She was very good. We are very blessed to have our new arrival... Dawn
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  1. Congratulations! She is a fine looking girl. Olivia seems to approve too.


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