Oreo's 1 week old

I just love this photo I took of Oreo on the day
she was born. She is just the cutest Llama. So
full of personality. She likes to run, jump, and
show off for us. Especially in the evening when
the weather cools down. Her Mom does not
like when she gets too far away from her. She
tells her to come back to her.. Oreo does like
she's told. It won't be too long and she will
rebel... just like our own kids... life is something
isn't it.... I just love my Llamas!
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  1. That face is adorable! How many do you have? What do you raise them for?

  2. Milah, I do not raise them. they are wild. They jump into our llama and horse pen to lick the salt lick. Funny huh? This one is so friendly we can walk right up to it as well as our dog. During the winter we can have up to 50 deer in our yard trying to eat out of our bird feeders and for someone like me who is inclined to feed anything that I see it is very hard to not go broke feeding them all... It is a sight to see that is for sure. We also have a few bear who show up for a free meal as well.. Thanks for stopping by... dawn

  3. Milah I am sorry. I thought you were referring to the deer in the pen with my dog. Here's what I do with the Llamas.
    The llama I do raise. Right now I have six of them. They are being shorn today. I use their wool for knitting, felting, and crocheting. I also sell the llamas to farmers for guard animals. They are very good at protecting the sheep, horses, and cows. Thanks for stopping by. Dawn


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