This is our patio in the summer. All it needs now is ME with some Lemonade!
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  1. Your home andd yard is breath-taking!!!!
    I love the color of your house!
    Everything here is normally green right now but we are in a drought. We have been weeks without rain and our gardens,grass and plants are crisp from the heat.
    That lemonade sounds good!!!

  2. Autumn, You could have some of our rain. We have had plenty.. My gardens and weeds are growing like wildfire. I love the color of the house as well. It is very fitting with all our trees that surround our property. I just planted the flower bed out front and am hoping they start growing soon. They all might of drown with all the rain we've had. Also the bear that comes around every night is trampling them all down.. silly bear... I moved my feeders..finally after many trampled flowers.


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