My two buddies...

Here's two of my Roosters. One is not going to be around
long if he doesn't realize who the boss is around here. He
keeps body slamming his body into my legs. I don't much
care for it. I got ahold of him the other day and let him know
this has to stop or in the soup pot he's going... I wish him luck.
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  1. Wow! You are a brave woman to pick them up! I have one that looks just like them and I'm afraid to try to pick him up. I'll catch my hens but not my rooster. ;D

  2. Oh, Dawn, you crack me up! Thanks for that today!

    I am lucky to have no mean roosters about. I wonder if it's because I have more than two, so they're not competing?

    My meat chickens make that long drive next Monday. Sigh.

    Have a GREAT weekend!

  3. I have a mean Barred Rock rooster myself, and he's quite the spitfire. I keep threatening, and then I go all soft and let him stick around. I think I love to hate him!

    Thanks for the birthday wishes, too! :)


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