Merry Christmas To All

I have had such a wonderful Christmas season. The outpouring of love and the generosity of family, friends, and neighbors continually amaze me. Thanks to all of you who donate to the Jackson County Foster Care Kids Christmas party. It was fabulous and it made many children and family's very happy. Also to those who donated money and presents to our Residents here at the Northfield Center. I am truly blessed to have witnessed the outpouring of love and monetary gifts. Thanks to one and all.

We will celebrate our Christmas with our family on Christmas day. Our house will be bustling with the grand kids, our daughters and son in laws. We will arise very early to open gifts and eat a traditional breakfast. We then will ready the house for all of our extended family. They will arrive around 3p to begin the Holiday Party. We play Christmas bingo and we all bring food and Christmas baking to share. It is truly a lovely tradition we have had for years.

I do hope each and everyone of my blogging friends have a Merry Christmas and spend it remembering WHY it is we celebrate this time of year. Jesus... Jesus is the reason for EVERY Season... blessings to each one of you.... Dawn


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