It's a great DAY!

Well it's just a great day!  My horse and llama fencing is complete... And also my veggie garden fence.. complete with a antique gate! yeah! Thanks to the Amish in our community. We hired them to do our fencing again and they did a fantastic job.  The greenhouse that my Husband made me for my Christmas
present is also complete and  has a ton of little seedlings growing in it. My hen hatched out 7 baby chicks on Easter Sunday and they are all thriving. I will pick up my purchased chicks this weekend. The grandkids are excited because they picked them out. Almost every night they ask me if they are here yet???? The lamb that was born a week ago it also doing well and I love to sit and watch her antics. I have put her picture as my new header on my blog. Her name is Laila.... Our new puppy, Nadia is also growing up. She is six month's old this month and she is so much fun to watch. She loves to play with the chickens and the ducks.  So there is a lot of new life at Pine Ridge. And more to arrive...hopefully a couple of baby llamas later on in the season. I will keep you posted. I turn 50 this where did the time go.. Thankfully I am healthy and able to work and life is GOOD! I do hope you all have a great weekend.... sending hugs and love thru this blog.


  1. Sounds like you are blessed of God!!!! Enjoy the farm and all it's wonders!!! by the way- 50 is pretty good( I passed that milestone several years ago!!!)

  2. Sounds like life at Pine Ridge has had a busy spring. I love your new lamb.... -- her name Laila is beautiful too.

    Bet you've been spending alot of time in your greenhouse. I'm so happy for you. Baby llama?!!!


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