Laila is growing up

Another warm spring day here today in Wisconsin. 90 something.. and oh so humid. Makes me
want to turn the a/c on already but I am going to suffer. Seems crazy to be this hot in May. Weird
weather that's for sure.
My sheep and llamas still have their winter coats on and were very warm and quiet today. I bet
they were miserable.
My baby ducks took a swim this afternoon and they didn't mind the heat at all. They sure are cute
little critters.
Well I am off for the week with my husband. We are going to spend it together doing chores around the
house/farm. And maybe take in a movie, ride bikes, hike, and possibly a canoe trip... Sounds like a great
week to me! Enjoy yours!
love, hugs, and blessings to all my blogging friends....
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