Impromtu garden tour

Today was a hot and humid day. Yick..... And most of my day was spent outside in it.
This morning at 8am one our ladies in our community had invited us over to see her gardens... It was lovely.. Cool morning, dew on the grass..... Her flowers and yard are just amazing. It was the highlight of my day. Our Church also put together a float to enter in
the Karner Blue Butterfly festival parade. So I gathered the grandkids and away we went to be in the parade. Before the parade we walked downtown to see the sales that the merchants were having. The parade was at 3pm the hottest part of the day. It was awful.... I am not sure how the kids walked on the hot asphalt with out passing out. It was 90 degrees which to some of you don't seem like much but in Wisconsin that is HOT.... And with the humidity I am not sure of the temp. I felt sick by the time we were leaving to go home. Too much for this old girl.... I am staying inside the rest of the night....
I will post some more photos tonight as they download to my computer.. I home you enjoy them... Have a blessed Sunday... goodnight..
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