Reighlynn and new kittens

We seem to always acquire new animals here on the farm. A few weeks ago my grand daughter
Reighlynn brought over two kittens to live here at Pine Ridge. She felt we needed some kittens since
our old Tom cat died last fast. She is a animal lover just like her Mee Maw... It is so fun to watch her
with them and how she mother's them. Amazing......
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  1. Oh my, Oh know me & kittens. Sweet.

    And your granddaughter's love & kindness toward animals ----- apples don't fall far from the tree.


  2. Thanks Kari, Yep she's an animal lover like her mee maw...

  3. okay I am a total cat love and love kittens.:)

  4. The kittens are adorable. What farm doesn't need more barn cats?!

  5. One can never have too many.. my husband begs to differ...


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