still blooming

Hi there friends, Just wanted to post a photo of my morning glories. They were slow to start blooming and now are late bloomers. They are such a brilliant blue. I just love them. Do you have any flowers that are still blooming in your gardens?
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  1. My morning glories just started blooming recently, too. And I got them planted fairly early this year, they came right up and I was a bit surprised when it took so long. I thought maybe they didn't like the heat and humidity this year.

  2. Lael, It is such a weird summer. Lots of rain and humidity. Lots of my plants did not do well because of all the rain. I only had to water my potted plants a few time. I am actually looking forward to winter this year due to this miserable summer we have had...
    Wishing you a blessed Saturday... hugs

  3. Gorgeous bloom! I wish spring would get here in New Zealand!

  4. bettyl, its a coming your way. Where headed into winter... brrrrrrr. thanks for stopping by... please stop in again.


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