Fall is here......

Yep Fall is definately here in
Wisconsin.  The leaves are changing
and falling right before our eyes. I love the golden colors that fall brings.
The harvest golds, the firey oranges, the crimson reds. God is magnificant
in his creating all of this for us humans to enjoy. Sunday will be apple picking at our local
Cain's Apple Orchard. Complete with a wagon ride out to the apples.
Enjoy this time of year with your family and friends.....

 One lonely catapillar out in the garden. So sad for him. He is a beautiful creature... God is so GOOOOOD!


  1. Your pictures are awesome. I see them and I imagine myself with you at Pine Ridge and I smile and feel that "It's All Good" Love you my most favorite cousin.

  2. Did you know that that caterpillar is a Black Swallow Tail? They come in the fall on our farm and eat my parsley or dill. They will go into a cocoon and it is fascinating to watch! Just thought I would let you know. Beautiful pictures. Thanks so much for coming by and saying hi!

    Blessings, Linda
    Prairie Flower Farm


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