Good Morning Friends

Just a quick Good Morning
We have had ANOTHER
winter storm in Wisconsin. Schools were closed
yesterday and the roads today are miserable.
I am so looking foward to spring.
I ordered my apple trees, berry vines, and grapes
last night online. I am also trying a few new
items in my vegetable garden this year. How many
of you plant a garden and what types of veggies do
you grown?
Have a super day.
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  1. Hey there Mrs. Wonderful! Who is that handsome kitty? I have been giving much consideration to "the garden" I will plant this year...but I haven't purchased any seeds. No seeds, no plants. Every since I started planting, I've always planted beets. Beets! When we visited Sharon and Bert, she had a beautiful garden, she had flowers amongst her veggies, imagine that. So So pretty. Anyway she had the most awesome beets I ever did eat. And so I plant beets. You'd laugh at my garden but kids love it when they come over. Beets, carrots, onions, potatoes, peas and some herbs. Oh yes always tomatoes. Got strawberries and raspberries going too. There you have it. Its snowy here in Washington. You'd laugh at our snow, but it's enough to keep me inside and off the roads. We don't do snow in Washington very well. I think our side of the state only has 10 snow plows. In fact the mayor of Seattle didn't get re-elected because he did such a lousy job making decissions when it snowed last year. He made sure the streets were he drove were plowed but the big hills and such, Naaaah! Funny huh?

  2. You are a busy gal miss lovely......your garden sounds wonderful. We will need to visit it one day. Maybe next year?.


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