Maple Syrup Time

Collecting the maple sap

Boiling the sap

Reducing the sap..

WE Have Maple syrup!


  1. Yum yum yum!! Is it a time consuming process?

  2. Michelle, it is but the taste is worth it. Not hard just takes time.. But you can knit while you watch the boiling process. Yeah!

  3. I've seen this done on tv ~ a very interesting process! Yum! :)

  4. I was just up to our local maple syrup farm 2 sundays ago and I took my 7 year old grandson
    .... It was the most enjoyable day for both of us and I did buy 5 containers of syrup ....Good job !!! Keep up your good work

  5. mmmm ... i can smell that sweet sweet smell of the maple syrup boiling down ... yummy! good for you ~ it looks like you got quite a batch!
    we have a few maple trees in our bush. my husband bought a few spouts and my dad gathered a bit of sap ... i was enthralled at the process, but even more taken with how much liquid it takes, as well as time, to cook down to a syrup! it was a number of years ago we tried and something i maybe will try again some day ... : )
    thanks so much for your lovely comments at the today ...
    hugs to you ~

  6. Oh I am soooo impressed! Yum!

    I see you have a baby Barred Rock chick too! Sweet!


  7. Oh Dawn...too wonderful!
    Thanks for sharing -- Dave especially loves the ritual of making syrup.

  8. I bet it smells glorious! A friend out east sends us fresh maple syrup every year. It's sweet, smooth taste is oh so heavenly. A joy to visit your wonderful blog!


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