How did I get this old?

I was editing some wedding photos today and I decided to
crop this photo. Upon reflection on this photo I can't believe how
old I've become. How did this happen?
Years of work, play, family, and friends have made the time
fly by. I feel the same as I did 25 years ago. I don't feel like I've changed.
But when looking at the photo I see my physical appearance has changed.
A few wrinkles and sags that didn't use to be there. A few gray hairs....
But as I look at this photo I am also seeing a woman who would not go
back to those younger years. A woman who is content with who she is.
No need to impress anyone except MYSELF.
My husband of 26 years loves me for who I am on the inside....
Outside appearances change over the years.. I'm know the inside
has changed as well.
I hope my inside(heart) has changed for the better. I hope to have
more patience, tolerance, love, grace, and kindness in my heart. All the
attributes a Christian woman yearns for. Over the years I've had struggles
and did things I can honestly say were a mistake. But as I think back on everything
I feel without these struggles I would not be the person I am today. I have learned
that without mistakes I could not know about forgiveness, without tears I would not
know about the kindness of others, without knowing God I would not understand
the word grace, without my family, friends, and God I would not know how to love.
So as I age on the outside I hope my insides are changing/maturing to be a loving woman who
can God can be proud of and call me his Daughter....



  1. Dawn I loved your HEART here.
    The way you shared your honest feelings and thoughts about aging blesses my heart!!!! May we grow old gracefully in the name of Jesus and laugh at the days to come. Holykisses xoxo

  2. You put it so well!

    Thanks for the comment!


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