What's new on the home front

Well Life here at Pine Ridge has been busy this summer. I have been so busy I have not had time to blog. I have taken the time to read your blogs and enjoy the stories and happenings at your home and with your families and animals. I've really enjoyed the hustle of summer. But now it is time to slow down and reflect on it before we begin our fall season.

Our family went on our vacation this year with all our grandkids, children, and foster kiddos. We had a total of 11 who went. We went out to South Dakota and Wyoming. We did a variety of camping and hoteling. We saw the badlands, wall drug, mt. rushmore, bear country usa, reptile gardens, Custer state park, Souix Falls Butterfly house, the falls, Mall of America, and the como park Zoo. Plus more... this old brain can't think of any more at this time. Our family has been out to the Black HIlls many times and it is always a pleasure. The kids who have neer been there thought it was AWESOME! So we had a fun filled two weeks of being together. We loved being away but were all glad to arrive at home in time for Bible camp

Each of the kids spent two weeks at Bible camp. All at different times. Me and two of the older girls stayed at camp and worked in the kitchen for a week. They learned a lot and it was very good experience for them. They were very diligent with their jobs which was washing the pots and pans. They also helped me bake.

We have been busy all summer. In addition to our adoptive daughter (which is final Sept. 13th) We have 4 other children living with us. One 15 year old girl, and 11 year old boy, 9 year old girl and a 5 year old boy. These are the main reason's I have not been able to blog. But now with school starting there will be extra time for ME! So hopefully that means more blogging time..

Well I will attempt to put some photos on here but not sure if I can from this ipad thinga ma gig.... So if you see photos it's a good thing... if not maybe next time...lol

hugs to all of you and hope you stop by and share what your family did this summer.


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