A glimpse of my weekend

 Here is our ever dwindling pile of firewood. I made a note to self: order firewood on
Monday! Its a good thing our firewood supplier lives two miles down the road
 I was outside taking photos of the kids one night and two of our turkeys are posing on top
of one of our cabins. They go up on the roof to pick the berries off of the flowering crab trees.
The rest of the poultry sit on the ground and grab the berries that fall. It's quite the ingenious system
they have.
 The rest of these are photos of various chickens. They are all very friendly and enjoy
posing for their photograph session.

This last photo is one of our Jack o Lanterns that one
of our girls carved. It turned out well and in the darkness
of the night it glowed brightly. It's hard to be spooked by
 a smiling pumpkin now isn't' it?

Happy Halloween week to you all...


  1. Happy Fall to you my sweet cousin! Loved all the pictures you've posted. I go to sleep every night and wonder......."How does she do it ALL" :)

    Love ya,
    Miss ya,
    Wish I could
    Kiss ya.

  2. Those chickens are quite photogenic! Happy Halloween!


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