Homemade pizza

Here's what our pizza looked like last night. We used the recipe from allrecipes.com


  1. Hey Soul Sister! I should visit more often. You bring me back to reality. I read where you are wanting to be in the word more. Desiring God is a wonderful thing. I'm studying about Lent, the Mt. of Transfiguration and why Moses and Elijah were there with Jesus. Matthew 17. How many years have we been in the word.....and still so much we don't know or understand....actually it's all pretty exciting don't you think? Learning about God and studying His word. I love you Dawnie Pooh!!!!! To the Moon and Back. Susie Q,

    1. Hey there Soul Sister! I love you and miss you. I wish we could see each other more often.
      I am happy that I am at a place in my life where I can read and study like I do. I guess before I did not always take the time needed. Well I hope that doesn't happen again.
      We have been Christians now for 26 years. WE have studied God's word together since then.
      Bucky is my biggest support and on track keeper for me. We both want to live for our God and then has helped our marriage as well as our relationship with God and others.
      I best get going... hugs my dear friend...
      Kindness matters........


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