Photos that I've taken lately

I have been busy learning new things this winter. I have made soap, baked new breads. Started a sour dough starter for bread. I have learned to knit a new tote. I had to make my own pattern because I am too pig headed to follow a regular pattern. I have also made many cards and scrapbook pages for my family. I just forget to take photos of them to share. I hope to do better this year. I am reading a blogging book on how to make my blog a better place. That is one of the goals I have had this year. So far not so good!
I have managed to read my Bible nearly everyday. I do fall behind a bit but catch up right away. I have read it through before but want to do it again as a discipline. I need more study time in the Word. Well I hope this finds you well. I hope you are all staying warm and cozy and spending the winter with your family and friends. I appreciate every one of you. Dawn


  1. Hey Dawn!!!
    Way to go reading the word... and your blog is lookin sooooooooo pretty! Sounds like you're been a busy gal! You're one crafty chicklet!
    Love the photo of the big Roo! He's a handsome fella! The duck shadow quacks me up! lol Sorry; nothin like a bad joke to start the day right? lol
    Oh well... Hope your starter makes some yumo bread! Did someone share the starter with you or did you make it from scratch? If you made it yourself I'd lovelovelove it if you could share your recipe. Okay girl, have a great weekend. Hugs Lea


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