Rain rain go away

I'm not sure about the rest of the world but we are sick of rainy weather and storms. My garden is so wet I can't plant a thing. My greenhouse is busting at the seems with plants wanting to be in the ground. My husband built me my greenhouse two years ago. Since that time I've been starting a lot of my flowers, veggies, and herbs. It has really saved money and helped me try new veggies, flowers, and herb. I don't know how many years I tried to grow from seed rosemary, sage, thyme with no success. Well this year with the help of a greenhouse wallah I have successfully grown them from seed. Yeah! Now just to plant them in my herb garden.
Well my wish is that everyone in blogland is to have a super fantastical weekend.
If you are still reading my blog please let me know with a hi so I can keep on. If no one is reading its pointless to continue. Right?


  1. I read it - I love your flower photos. But I know how time can get away from you - I haven't blogged since March and I really should, as I have loads of lambs and kids to take pictures of. But the weather here has been rainy, too, not great for photos.

  2. Thanks Lael. That's how's it's been here... Rainy...

  3. Hi Dawn...
    Welcome back to blog land.
    I love your photos!...and have missed them.

  4. Hey girl!
    When I went to your blog it looked so different. Was I at the right place? lol I'm not sure? LOVED your photos!!!!!!!!!! Ohmygosh..... I feel like I got to really visit with you! I think we have some of the very same peonies too!! The one with two shades of pink that are super fluffy? I haven't seen ANY body else have them!!
    So did you get your plants in the ground? I sure hope so.
    Bet you are lovin that greenhouse! One of our neighbors is remodeling and said I could HAVE all their wooden windows! I'm so excited... but still holding my breath coz it hasn't happened yet. lol Maybe I'll get a greenhouse someday too?
    Thanks for sharing your pics with me Dawn! I think of you so often.
    holykisses lea


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