Our Family

As some of you know we have been foster parents for many years(almost 30). In that time we have raised our two biological daughters as well as one adopted daughter. Over the years we have had around 50 kids that have come and gone. At the time of this writing we have 6 children living in out home. A sibling group. A beautiful group of kids whom need love and care. They are a young group. The ages are as follows: 7,6, 4,3,3,and 18 months. They keep us very busy with all the activities they are busy with. Some of them have been with us for two years. The rest came this past May. It is odd how the Lord works in our lives. We had just decided on adopting a large sibling group and had finished the necessary adoption paperwork. We were looking at adopting a group from Texas or Oklahoma. We had requested in our license that their ages be between 8 and 17. There were several groups available. The day our adoption certificate was approved the Lord placed these children in our care. We had never taken care of foster kids as young as these. Or with as many kids in one sibling group. So I believe that the Lords hand was working on our family and with the powers that be, to care for these children as long as they need our home. These children are Native American and cannot be adopted by us. So for as long as needed we will continue to care and love these kiddos. When and if they leave us we will have a heavy heart but will know we were the best home at the time for this group. We love them and hope to be there forever home. God may have other plans……… I guess we will have to wait to see what they are! In Gods time…. Have a awesome day friends…..


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